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Posted By admin on 02/03/13 - Bookmark Young Porn


Have you ever noticed that teen girls get a lot nastier with each other than they would normally do with you? When you are rubbing a girls clit it seems like she is too sensitive and shit. She will keep telling you to slow down or to do it this way or that way. But when another girl rubs her clit she can go as fast as she wants even if she had two inch nails on!

This sort of behavior isn’t limited to the love button either. I have watched my hundreds of teen sex videos from tube sites and every time I watch the girls do stuff to each other that they would never let a boy do to them.


Take getting drilled from behind with a huge dildo for instance. My girl-friends never let me do anything from behind because they didn’t want me to see their butthole. Girls on the other hand can spit on each others buttholes!

Don’t believe me? Click here to watch free teen porn videos so you can see what I am talking about for yourself. I am not making this shit up.

Not only does this girl spit on her friends corn hole, she drills her pussy with that dildo as if she were trying to play whack a mole with the girls cervix. My girlfriends have always complained if I stuck two fingers and ram half as hard as this girl is going at it.


Once again. Checking out the butthole. What is this?

Teen porn is better when it is young porn. Get the best sex videos for free from PornerBros.com!

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Posted By admin on 01/30/13 - Bookmark Young Porn


Galleries like this one from Club Seventeen help to solidify some of the theories I have about teen and sex. First off, teen girls are fucking hot. Even if they aren’t hardcore hot, just being young makes them fucking hot. Second, the camp counselors shouldn’t be allowed to congregate anymore than the attendees are allowed to do it. When they get together the only thing on their mind is sex!

At ClubSeventeen.com you will find gigs of young porn waiting for you. You can download the videos or stream them. Each video has high resolution pictures that come with it.

The girls at Club Seventeen do both hardcore and softcore. Most have several episodes attributed to them. Many even talk to the members on webcams where you can tell them what you want to see.


This guy wanted to see what it was like to fuck a girl in the ass. There is something about camp that changes girls. While at home they are all proper. At camp they turn into total sluts willing to try anything at least once. Camp is where homely girls get transformed into the biggest sluts in school.


Just imagine mommy and daddy walking in on their little girl doing this with one of the boys!


Or getting fucked up her tight asshole!


I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that Sonja’s hypocritical parents have done much worse than this. See every devious naughty thing your mind can handle and some things it can’t at ClubSeventeen.com!

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Posted By admin on 01/28/13 - Bookmark Young Porn


[In your best Scottish accent] If you had the chance to change your fate, would you do it?

While that is a good question I think a better one is to ask if you could go back in time, would you do it? And what would you do back there? I know what I would do. I’d be banging hotties like this chick all over again!

I miss the days of having my hand in a teenage girls fresh cotton panties. Banging her while her parents were at work. Making her feel amazing and more like an adult. Giving her both a reason and a path to rebellion against her parents restrictive ways.

Go back in time with the girls at 18 X Girls. The site has hundreds of videos with young teen having sex. They have hundreds of models so you never feel like you are getting the short end of the stick. There is always something new to find in their massive archive of young porn.

Posted By admin on 01/27/13 - Bookmark Young Porn


Ever since she was a little princess this teen cutie has dreamed of using a magic wand to make her prince appear. Now that she is all grown up she is using her magic want to pleasure herself while her knight in shining armor is hard at work in some far flung city.

Sex Toys from ToyOrgasmic will make her fairytales come true and keep her satisfied enough to wait for your return. Right now you can take advantage of their need to sell the Christmas overstock during the Valentine’s Day buying season. Prices have never been lower!

Shop now and beat the crowds. ToyOrgasmic.com ships almost everywhere in the world. They keep your order details private right down to shipping your toys in a nondescript package.

Make her dream little dreams of you!

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Posted By admin on 01/19/13 - Bookmark Young Porn


It is the thing that scares all parents to the bone. The idea that their little girl is out there tackling some guy and exploring sex. Hey, every girl has to learn how to do it some time. Luckily for us we all live in a digital world. Girls mix up their desire for fifteen minutes of fame with fifteen minutes of pleasurable sex all of the time.

When the girls get that mixed up we get some of the best teen porn ever created. True teen porn. Real teen porn. The young kind with girls that are barely legal and that still have the naive qualities that drive guys wild with lust for them.

Back in my day recording a video of a sexual encounter with a girl required bulky video equipment that was super expensive. Now teen couples can create their own teen porn videos by propping up an iPad on some books and hitting record.

Thank God for the Internet age. And also for the frisky teen girls willing to go a lot farther than their mothers ever did.

Posted By admin on 01/17/13 - Bookmark Young Porn


I showed a buddy of mine this girl’s free picture gallery from 18 Only Girls and he told me he wouldn’t touch her. When I asked why he said it was because she wasn’t old enough. I assured him that she was over 18 years old, but he said that wasn’t the point. He didn’t want to corrupt her or anything like that. Said he would rather wait until she was in her twenties to fuck her.

Folks, I don’t get that line of reasoning. How does that make sense to any rational thinker?

So I asked my buddy if he ever got laid back in high school. He stated that he had. Then I asked him if the chicks he fucked were underage. They pretty much all were except for the final one he ended up marrying.

See, there ya go! He thought it was just fine to corrupt the minds of young girls in high school, but once they are eligible for college he is hands off? I don’t get it!

Fuck him and the horse he rode in on. I have no qualms about fucking a girl that is barely legal. I also don’t have a problem with sites like YoungPorn.com. They fill a void. Without them people would be breaking the law trying to find girls this young and hot. 18 Only Girls is simply giving people a way to enjoy what they like without breaking any laws do it.

So if you have an itch and watching young girls having sex seems to be the only way you seem to be able to scratch it I highly suggest you give YoungPorn.com a try. They update daily and have been in business for years. The members area has hundreds of videos with thousands of girls. Young looking girls like this one.



If you are having problems with fucking girls that look this good please let me know. I’d love to tag you out and tackle that girl to the wrestling mat!

Young porn. It does a body good!

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Posted By admin on 01/11/13 - Bookmark Young Porn


Ever had an inkling to direct your own porno? Now you can with the www.guiltychat.com XXX web cam shows. All you have to do is get a free account and then tip couples a decent amount and they will do whatever you want them to.

Take for instance this couple named Heidi_N_Mike. He is a ripped stud and she is a blonde bombshell. To get in on their show you have to pay nine dollars. Some people will tip them more and others will stick to that lowball number. No matter what you get in for that.

If you want to direct them and make special requests you have to be one of the ballers in the room. Don’t get nervous though. Most of the time the "baller" only paid $25 for their right to give them some direction. No other web cam network has this kind of system. Login now!

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Posted By admin on 12/11/12 - Bookmark Young Porn


I love those Emo, Goth, punker chicks. They always want to prove how independent they are. When they aren’t using that as their main focus they are randomly trying to prove how much they just don’t give two shits about what other people think about them. Including their parents.

You can find hundreds of Goth lesbian clips and full videos on Emo Porn Girls. I won’t even ask if these girls give a fuck because I know they don’t. Most of the time the videos on the site are uploaded by the girls themselves. Where mainstream girls fight to get this kind of shit off the Internet, it seems Goth girls fight to get it on!

I grew up around these girls and they always intrigued me. If you acted as though you were interested in dating them they shunned you. If you acted as though you didn’t like them they showered you with attention. I found that by using reverse psychology I could get them to come to me.

One of the girls I had my eye on was only into other girls. With her I acted like I didn’t like her that way. I acted like I was the only guy who could understand her and not see her as a piece of fuck-meat. I was rewarded one night by her allowing me to video tape her and a girlfriend. She didn’t let me make a copy of the Goth lesbian video, but I did record a rather vivid one with my minds eye.

So there you go. Sometimes not being a douche bag can get you inside the locked doors of a girls only sleepover!

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Posted By admin on 11/27/12 - Bookmark Young Porn


Speaking of young porn, how about that Zoey Foxx from Virgin Run-aways?

Things were getting a bit desperate for Zoey Foxx after she bailed on her mom and dad. She felt that they were being too hard on her. Zoey was always trying to experiment with sex and her parents weren’t having any of it. They often grounded her for weeks at a time.

While making her way through the Hollywood Hills Zoey happened on a house she thought was vacant. Once inside she realized somebody lived there, but she figured a quick shower wouldn’t hurt anybody. Little did she know the owner was on his way home!

Once he arrived he was startled to find his front door busted open. After grabbing a large stick he entered his home expecting to find some boys rattling through his things. Instead he found a cute little teen girl trying to stash her stuff in the corner.

One look at her tight ass in her short-shorts and he forgot all about the damage she had caused to his door. His wife died years ago in a car accident and he was itching to get laid. Could this be a gift from God?

Zoey could tell by the way this man was looking at her that he wanted to stick his cock into her tight little pussy. She had seen photos of his wife while moving about his house and noticed that they stopped being taken about three or four years ago. Was he a widower? Was she the first piece of ass that he had seen since she died?

Now she felt sorry for him. He was cute, but he was as old as her dad!

Get your free porno videos all in one place. As a member you can even upload videos you think others would enjoy. You don’t have to pay a dime and you can tag your favorites for later viewing. This is way better than anything else out there. I suggest you try it!

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Posted By admin on 11/23/12 - Bookmark Young Porn


I used to hate handjob movies back when I was a youngster. I guess my problem was that I was receiving far too many handjobs and not enough pussy so I didn’t need to see them on a TV screen. Now that I am older and I long for the days when a pretty teen girl would jerk my cock off because she didn’t want to get pregnant.

Then again, these days I would watch just about any movie with a small tits teen girl having sex. Especially if it is with an older man. Shit, I even like young porn with girls and guys in their teens. For those kinds of videos I prefer the ones where they play out real life scenarios. Like catching him masturbating or spying on her in the shower.

That is why I watch my young porn videos at a place that has a lot of variety. With hundreds of videos in a bunch of different categories you don’t get bored. The one thing that ties them altogether is that they feature hot young babes getting showered in cum at some point in the movie.

You can’t go wrong with that!

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Posted By admin on 11/18/12 - Bookmark Young Porn


Do you remember the first time you got this close to a naked pussy? How your instincts kicked in and you turned into an animal? Club Seventeen is helping you get back to the basics with some young porn that will blow your bootie socks off!

The site has thousand of girls to choose from with thousands of down-loadable videos you can access immediately without restrictions. They update with teen sex videos and pics at least twice a day. Something more!

Now you can also talk to the girls live on their web cams. The hottest site in teen porn just got hotter. Why aren’t you getting your fill?

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Posted By admin on 10/20/12 - Bookmark Young Porn

I saw this video and I was like… Wow… This is entertaining in an odd way. A very odd way. It features two girls having a sleepover and they want to show one another their secret they have been holding out on. What each doesn’t know is that they both have the same secret.

What makes it young porn worthy? Their giddiness. It is obvious to the viewer that both of these girls had this same giddiness when sharing things like kissing and masturbation techniques with their girlfriends in the past. In other words, besides for the fact that both girls have insanely large cocks, it is believable!

The fact that the girls have strapons and are both well known porn stars makes the whole thing erotic even for the biggest homophobe. What is so bad about girls stroking massive cocks? You don’t like porn? Haha!

Futanaria updates weekly with new videos. The videos on the site are much longer (often 20 to 30 minutes) and are of much higher quality than this sample. Each video also has high resolution pics.

Take the tour and notice the video concepts at Futanaria. They stick to real life situations and, personally, I think that adds a particular quality most sites are missing the mark on these days.

Posted By admin on 10/08/12 - Bookmark Young Porn


You come to young porn for the young porn scenes. No other site uses hot teen girls and puts them in videos where they are allowed to do what teens do best. Fuck like rabbits!

But did you know you could also watch girls getting deflowered? Watch real defloration porno from the only people willing to show you real virgins having real sex. They scour the world far and wide looking for 18 year old girls that haven’t yet had sex. Not an easy task. Then they film the girls having their hymens broken. Some cry. Some get giddy with excitement. No matter what they do you will be shooting cum all over your computer monitor and keyboard.

This is one of those times where I highly suggest you get a quality lube because nothing sucks worse then speed burns. Unless you like pain!

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Posted By admin on 10/06/12 - Bookmark Young Porn


In order to have young porn you need young girls. I think these three beauties more than fit the bill. It used to be very difficult to get girls like these naked, now they shuck their clothes like they are shucking corn in Iowa.

Chat with hot girls right now. They go one on one, two on one and more. It is free to join and you can rub up on something you might have previously thought was unreachable. That is the sweet thing about the Internet. It makes dreams come true!

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Posted By admin on 09/18/12 - Bookmark Young Porn


It can and has been said that Selina 18 visually defines the term young porn. Her youthful appearance will have you closing the window blinds and looking for surveillance vans parked down the street. Don’t worry though, she is 100% barely legal!

I bet you can already taste her teen skin on those hard nipples. Probably imagining her hand on the back of your head as she cradles you into her boob. Girls like Selina 18 dream of doing this right from the beginning. They don’t want to just have breasts, they want to use them too!

Did you know that Selina18.com is part of the Premium GFs network? They are giving you access to the entire network for the price of one site. I am not sure how they manage to make money with the business model, but I am glad they have over 30 solo models to choose from.

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