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So I am hanging out at my buddies house and he has to leave for a few hours to attend some hastily called meeting. But he tells me to continue to enjoy the football games on his big screen and authorizes me to drink as much beer out of the fridge as I want. Which I do.

Not long after he left I heard a noise coming from the other side of the house. It was his little sister. She must have woken up. Gloria was barely 18 years old and had a cute body. Growing up she always had a crush on me. I began to wonder if she still did.

I got up to grab a beer from the kitchen which allowed me to go into the middle of her house without looking like I was doing it to get more intel on what she was doing. I heard the shower turn on and I popped my head into the hallway.

She was in the bathroom at the end of the hall. My buddies flooring was all tile with some shiny sealant on it to protect it. With the light coming in from a window behind her and the rest of the house dark I could see a very tempting reflection of her standing in front of the counter doing something with her hair.

This girls body sure had matured a lot since the last time I has seen her. Her boobs were still a bit small, but they sure were perky. Her ass was a cute little bubble.

The next thing I knew I was standing just outside the bathroom door. My heart was pounding in my chest. I could hear it’s beat in my ears. I dropped to the floor and looked under the door just as Gloria was getting into the shower.

The shower doors were made of completely see through glass. They weren’t that privacy bullshit stuff. So I could see everything as she soaped up her pussy for a shaving. My cock wanted to explode!

Realizing I needed something to explode into I looked up towards her bedroom door and spied her clothes hamper. Would I get double-lucky? Sure enough her panties from last night were right on top.

I snatched them and turned them inside out. They were pink satin with lacey hems. My favorite! On the gusset was a bit of her pussy juice. I scratched and sniffed it without a conscious thought of what I was doing or how long I had been there.

As I turned out Gloria was putting up her hair because she only planned to wash her body. This cut her shower time down in half. It also cut her time out of the shower.

I heard the bathroom door’s lock pop and I froze. She walked in and caught me with her panties up near my face. It didn’t take a brainiac to realize that I was either sniffing them, or tasting them… or both!

Fully expecting Gloria to scream or hit me I just sat there horrified. Instead of doing either of those things she got a sad look on her face like she felt sorry for me. My heart skipped a beat regardless.

"Do you like my panties?" Gloria asked.

I couldn’t respond. What was I supposed to say? I just mumbled and stood there looking at her. Gloria’s gaze moved down to my cock.

"It’s okay. Your cock is telling me you do," she observed.

I began to apologize with, "I’m sorry," but she cut me off.

"No, I mean it is okay that you like them. Really! It is okay," Gloria assured me as she reached forward and pushed my hand holding her panties back up to my nose.

As her scent hit my nostrils Gloria untwisted the knot holding up her towel. As it fell to the ground she told me to show her what I was doing. I was still in a complete state of shock and needed more encouragement from her on what I should do next.

Gloria grabbed my free hand and moved it towards my hardon. I offered just enough resistance to make it look like I wasn’t completely kosher with jacking off, but not enough to overpower her. Gloria wrapped her hand around my hand which was now wrapped around my cock. She started squeezing and pulling her hand, which in turn caused my hand to jerk myself off.

Gloria commanded me to smell her panties. I did as I was told and the scent was intoxicating.

"That’s right," she said reassuringly, "now taste it!"

As instructed I stuck out my tongue and licked the gusset of her panties. The taste was a mixture of sweetness from her pussy juices and tanginess from her pee. Together they seemed to press every button in my instinctual sexual makeup. My pulse raced, my senses heightened, my cock swelled and my animal instincts took over.

Gloria commanded me to lick her panties until they were clean and I did without hesitation or fear that I might scare her with my unrestrained desire to get every last drop of her juice into my circulatory system.

Sensing I was hers in every way, shape and form, Gloria reached down and undid my pants allowing them to drop to the floor. Next she pulled off my shirt and underwear. Finally, she took her panties from my hand and wrapped them around my cock before instructing me to grip my cock. The soft satin felt amazing.

After the brief interlude Gloria pushed down on my shoulders until I went to my knees in front of her. "Smell it," she commanded.

I bent forward and placed my noise against her clitoral hood before inhaling her scent. She put her hand on my shoulder and squeezed it as if to say, "Jerk your cock."

Not wanting to upset my captor I began stroking my meat awaiting further instructions on what to do next.

Gloria reached down and spread her clitoral hood open so that her clit was exposed. It was a little pink button about the size of a pea. She grabbed my head with her other hand and trust my face info her muffin commanding me to taste it.

Her legs almost buckled as my tongue launched forward and made contact with her exposed clit.  As I licked my tongue back and forth across her clit I felt her shift her weight forward onto me. After what seemed like an eternity, but was actually about twenty seconds, Gloria spun us both so that she could lay back onto her bed.

In this position Gloria had her legs over my shoulders and my head buried into her soft thighs. Now I could run my tongue down to her vulva and back up again. On one of the transitions I stopped at her urethra and gave it a mini lashing of its own.

As my tongue played inside the soft folds of her pussy Gloria’s breathing became labored. She put both hands on the back of my head and pressed hard. She wanted me to concentrate on her clit and I did as I was asked. At the same time I increased my speed as I jacked off into her panties.

Gloria curled towards me as her orgasm hit and then arched back and flexed her stomach as waves of pleasure washed over her nubile body. My balls exploded cum into her panties which quickly filled with my hot spunk.

As her orgasm subsided Gloria began to giggle. She got up on her elbows to look at me and smiled.

"Looks like I have a new play toy," she said wryly.

I didn’t say anything and just looked at her exhausted. I felt like I had run a marathon in 100 degree heat and 60% humidity. I was sweating like it too.

Gloria got that same look of pity she had when she had caught me sniffing her panties. She sat up and cradled my head into her bosoms. My hand was still wrapped around my cock and it was still leaking liquid into her panties.

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-- Young Legal Porn2 --

Back when I was a junior in high school I received one of the most amazing blowjobs I have ever had from a girl that did this to my finger to get me in the mood. LOL!!! She actually thought she had to get a post pubescent boy into the mood to receive a blowjob!

Getting back to those days is almost too easy with the teens at 18 Only Girls making young porn movies like this one. I mean, seriously, I felt like I was being taken back in time!

-- Young Legal Porn --

Vika gets down and dirty on this guys cock. She gets messy. She goes deep. She gags. She spits. She sucks. When does she take time to breath?

It totally reminded me of that first blowjob. This girl had never given one before, but she was a natural! She took her time. She teased my cock. I blew buckets of cum down her throat. She swallowed it!

I don’t know what she is doing these days, but I sure know what I am going to be doing. 18 Only Girls is just what it says. Young girls that are barely legal having sex on the Internet like they just don’t care. Why should they? People only hate them because they are beautiful!

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This one is for the prudish bitches out there. You know who you are.

I love it when chicks that follow that fat slug of a bitch Oprah Winfrey tell me that girls don’t actually do this sort of thing. Really, bitch? Well, I have news for you! Unpretentious babes like Sasha Blonde do this sort of thing when they are alone. They look like heaven on Earth and they enjoy getting all slutted up in lingerie even when nobody else is around!

Proof? I have dated so many young babes and all of them had some pretty amazing masturbation stories for me. Turkey basters, bath faucets, shower massagers, brush handles, vibrating toothbrushes, pillow humping, stuffed bear humping, magic markers, hot tub jets, the list goes on!

So you see you fat slug, bitch, whore? Your man is checking out young porn because girls like Sasha Blonde do indeed exist and they are all over the place. They look just like anybody else. They have normal jobs. They have NORMAL LIVES!

So stop your yammering and shove that dildo up your snatch already!

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What is the use of calling a web site 18 Only Girls if the girls aren’t young? So many sites out there do this and it really pisses me off! However, does use real teenagers in their videos so they definitely get my seal of approval!

The site updates daily with some nubile teen or teens doing what teenagers often do… experiment!

These experiments range from different ways to masturbate like, using the shower massager, the kitchen sink faucet water, a turkey baster, and the list goes on, to boys and girls trying out new things like, anal sex, threesomes, sixty-nine, fucking in mom and dad’s bed, sex in a Jacuzzi, and more!

If you are young yourself this site will open your eyes to all of the things your mom and dad wouldn’t tell you about in that birds and the bees conversation. If you are a bit older it is a nice trip down memory lane!

After you watch Lily play with her pussy and suck her own cum off of her fingers I highly suggest giving 18 Only Girls a try!

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I was caught masturbating once by my friend’s little sister. It was pretty embarrassing at first. I thought she was going to run out of the house telling everybody I ever went to school with about it. You could say I was scared… big time!

What I didn’t know at the time was she had a huge crush on me. She asked me what I was thinking about and I really didn’t want to tell her. I figured she’d be grossed out if I told her I was thinking about her!


She came over to the bed and got on her hands and knees in front of me. The next thing I knew my cock was half way inside her mouth. I couldn’t believe it! The object of my affection was smoking my cock!


There was a lot about this girl I didn’t know. She had apparently been watching porno tapes she borrowed from her parents love chest. Her dad had some called Barely Legal [this and that] and she really liked those young porn videos!

So much so that she often masturbated dreaming of being a porn actress someday! When she learned I was already her biggest fan she couldn’t wait to show me everything she had learned!

Before long she was asking me to fuck her anal!


It is a strange world when your buddies little sister knows more about sex than you do!

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Odds are you got here by searching somewhere for 18 Only Girls and you ended up clicking a link that brought you here. You don’t want MILF. You want young girls that are barely legal and looking to experiment with sex and have fun!

Tiny Tabby more than fits the bill for what you are looking for. She isn’t shy about her sexuality like most girls her age. Tabby wants to learn all of the things that make a man go pop!

You could say that Tabby is a big of a flirt. She has always had a thing for older men. Tiny Tabby has a huge crush on her gym teacher and she loved making him squirm when she’d bend over in her short-shorts.

But don’t you worry. Tabby isn’t a cock tease. She prides herself in letting boys play the field. In fact, she gets a little miffed if a boy doesn’t hit a homerun with her!

You can watch all of her exploits at and you can get her and all of her friends with a Tiny Teen Pass. With over 30 models to choose from there is always something cute to catch your eye!

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Fay has always been a bit of an exhibitionist. So when her friend told her about a chance to do some nude modeling and get paid for it Fay was more than ready. There was just one problem though… Fay stuffed her bra to make it look like she had B-cup boobies. In reality she only have tiny A-cup mosquito bites!

Nobody, not even Fay’s friend, knew she stuffed her bra. She decided to book a separate time than her friend to go down and do some test photos to see if she was as photogenic on film as she appeared to be in real life.

Fay didn’t pad her bra this time and found that the only bra she had that actually fit her was her old training bra from the seventh grade! She put it on and paired it with some see through panties to draw the attention away from her tiny tits to her tight pussy.

When she showed up for her appointment she didn’t know what to expect. Nobody seemed to be staring at her with one of those double takes at her chest that let her know they are puzzled by her flatness. Maybe they would still accept her?

Once the producer called her into his office he couldn’t take his eyes off of her young boobies. Fay’s heart raced and she wondered if she should just bolt out of there and save herself the embarrassment. But the producer smiled warmly and told Fay to remove her clothes so he could see her youthful body.

As she removed her clothes Fay noticed the producers cock was started to get super hard. She stood in front of his wearing her bra and panties. He asked her to remove her bra and she hesitated a bit. He reached down and grabbed his hard cock showing her that her small titties were making him horny, not turning him off.

Fay did as she was told and removed her training bra. Normally this is where I’d say her boobs sprung out of their confinement, but Fay doesn’t have that kind of boobs. Hers just sat there… perky as ever!

The producer motioned for Fay to come closer and when she got close enough to him he leaned down to kiss her tiny tits. He licked her nipples and used his free hand to grope the small amount of flesh that was there. With his other hand he took Fay’s own hand to his cock and made her stroke it.

Fay couldn’t believe it in a million years. Here was a good looking man that seemed to be into her tiny tits. Maybe that teacher that used to compliment her on her boobies back in high school was actually serious?

Next, the producer had his hand in Fay’s flimsy panties. The crotch of her panties was super wet and his finger had no problem gliding into her tightness. The two fondled each others genitals while he licked her young boobs until Fay couldn’t stand it… literally!

Realizing Fay was having a hard time standing the producer picked her up and swung them both around so she was sitting on the edge of his desk. He pulled his cock out of his pants and Fay pulled her panties over so he could stick his now massively hard cock into her soft petals.

It didn’t take long for Fay to cum. She hadn’t ever received this kind of attention on account of her little tits before. It was so exciting to have an attractive older man enjoying her youthful appearance. When it was time for him to cum Fay eagerly got down on her knees to take his cum load into her mouth. It was the only way she could think of to repay him for boosting her confidence!

There are hundreds of stories like Fay’s at 18 Only Girls. They find nubile teen girls and give them a chance to star in their own porno. Some girls are very amateur and others perform like pros, but some things are always constant, the girls are hot, horny and perky!

Go ahead and take the 18 Only Girls tour. Everything is legal, although just barely, so there is nothing to lose and gigs of young sex videos to gain!

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Fathers are a funny bunch. They always assume their little girls are pristine princesses without a bad bone in their body. Yeah, right! The reality of it is that little girls are often the worst of the bunch. Petite teenage girls with small boobies just growing in want to see if their new boobies can work at their intended job and use them and abuse them around older men. Like their teachers.

At 18 Only Girls they aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. To expose these sugar and spice girls for what they really are: Little Sex Nymphs!

With several updates a week and hundreds of girls there is plenty of evidence for you to poor through. As you work through the stack of teen sex movies I am sure you will come to the same conclusions I have about these little vixens.

They can’t be trusted!

But if you can’t get two of them at the same time it is hard to pass up. Having two of them attack your cock with their warm mouths and their wet tongues is worth it if you ask me!

Grab your own pass and let these girls work on your cock!

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I have banged a lot of chicks in my time. One of the things that always trips me out is how different a girls bed can be girl to girl. Take this one above. Is it a couch or a bed? WTF?

From experience I can offer you some suggestions on how to live your own teen banging life.

  1. Fuck different chicks! Don’t get stuck with just one like a dipshit!
  2. If the bed looks just like the last one, move on!
  3. When you can’t find a new fuck buddy, hit up Teen Burg!

What in this fuck is TeenBurg? Why it is only the hottest teen sex site on the net. The girls do all of the things your girlfriend or wife won’t do. Stop settling for mediocre young porn when you can get the best at!

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Everybody wants to see jailbait, but nobody wants to get into some real trouble. So, if you are looking for 18 Only Girls that won’t land you in jail, you have come to the right place.

Some of the best times in life happen right around high school. Girls are expressing themselves in a variety of ways. It is about this time that they go swimming wearing only their bra and panties. Of course their undergarments weren’t made for swimming so everything is very see through and very clingy!

Relishing the attention their nubile bodies are garnering the girls get more and more daring and the next thing you know, it is skinny dipping time!

That is what 18 Only Girls is all about. Capturing those tender moments in time and then exposing them for all to see. You used to have to pay for several sites to get this level of access to so many girls, but 18 Only Girls is bringing all of the girls to you for a very low price.

Grab a 18 Only Girls pass now and watching these girls hide their hairbrushes in some pretty unique ways!

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When was the last time you had your hand inside a pair of cotton print panties? Probably too long ago I’d imagine. You can relive the experience with Kamilla 18. Her site is dedicated to exploring your young porn fantasies!

Kamilla 18 has a rock hard body and perky young tits. Her ass is fleshy enough for a good spanking and hard enough to make your eyes bleed with desire!


Cut a volleyball in half and there ya’ go… Kamilla’s teen ass!

By joining Kamilla 18 you get access to her friends like Masha’s World and The Sperm Lover!

Get more young porn at Kamilla 18!

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Oh, man! What I wouldn’t give to wake up next to this blonde beauty every day. Shit, I’d give my left arm… Hell, I’d even throw in my left testicle. Fuck it, I am done have kids… Make it both of my nuts!

18 Only Girls is your way to wake up with girls like this waiting to please you. They update daily with five new scenes and they are usually a good mix of both hardcore and softcore subjects.

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So I have been in the porn business long enough to see my fair share of chicks using a pussy pump. This contraption basically sucks on a girls vagina until she pussy is like 4 inches into the shaft. She then pulls it away and you end up with this hugely engorged pussy!

What I didn’t know until I watched this 18 Only Girls video is why you would want to do it… I mean… Other than it just looks kinda cool.

You do it and then plow that swollen cunt!


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This is one fucking sweet 18 Only Girls video. It shows Beata bringing her boyfriend home after school and doing a bit more than studying. Both of her parents work so she gets way too much free time!

First, Beata decides to treat her boyfriends cock like an ever lasting gobstopper. She can’t seem to get enough of his meaty cock. You’d almost thing her poured cocaine all over his manhood!

Next, he starts treating Beata’s ass like it is a peace of sidewalk that needs to go bye-bye. He jackhammers his cock home like a pro. You almost get the feeling there will be smoke coming up from their genitals they are pounding so fucking hard!

Remember when your significant other used to pound her pussy into you like that? 18 Only Girls has daily updates and tons of videos in the members area to help bring all of that lovely goodness back!

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So somebody has this awesome idea. It went something like this. How about if we took a bunch of girls that just graduated high school and put them in a room wearing only night shirts and panties? Make it like some kind of backstage pass to your sister’s sleepovers!

Well, it was a hit for years and it’s name was Kamillia 18. She is the dark one in the middle of the photo above. Eventually though, Kamilla moved on to mainstream modeling and her site got eaten up by 18 Only Girls. Hey, it isn’t all bad! She made quite a few videos and picture sets before you moved on!


18 Only Girls updates daily and has a huge members area. Kamilla wasn’t the only victim of this hungry-for-porn monster! So as a member you get tons of teen porn ready for viewing, plus those daily updates! Whatever will you do with yourself?


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